Three Beautiful Ramadan Feelings

If you don’t know anything about the month of Ramadan then I recommend you watch this video :

We’re almost halfway through Ramadan. We fast throughout the month of Ramadan and with it’s end comes Eid – the most beautiful day ever ❤

There are countless blessings in life from Allah عز و جل , we literally can’t count them. But Ramadan is such a special month that is literally a blessing in itself. I seriously LOVE Ramadan and it leaves me so refreshed and happy! Alhumdulillah! (All Praise to God)

Here are only three things that make Ramadan my favorite time of the year:

  1. The Peace and Quiet: Alright, so we don’t really have “quiet” noiseless days in Ramadan, especially during the few minutes before the breaking of the fast when everyone at home is running around to get stuff prepared for the fast-breaking meal. There is this special kind of quietness I feel during Ramadan. It is there every year. It’s the quietness that comes from the absence of the devils – who are chained and locked up in hell – and there’s such a beautiful peace in my heart and mind. It’s a kind of tranquility that I feel, it’s like those whispers disappear and the buzz and “noise” they make calms everything. I tried talking to my parents about this calm and I’m sure they thought I was crazy, but I know they feel it too.  (If you don’t know more about Ramadan then you should look into it! You’ll find some really beautiful things.)
  2. The Love Everywhere: We often forget our manners and a lot of times we hold grudges or assert our anger, or just feel upset at others. Ramadan kind of forces us to think about our relationships and develop them. It is a month of forgiveness because we pray to Allah عز و جل to forgive us and we pray to Him, the Most Merciful and Forgiving, for the health and guidance of our loved ones and everyone in our Ummah (Nation) and those who are not Muslims.But we also forgive each other for any mistakes or unpleasantness.  It’s honestly heartwarming because you see people seeking out neighbors they never greeted before(also because there is so much FOOD every one gives eachother!), you see people feeding the poor on a daily basis, you see people standing up in prayer for hours next to each other without any thoughts given to the differences society creates (race, color, status, age, all sorts of crap), and you see people trying to improve themselves and their behavior towards others. Even my cat seems to be making an effort at not scratching my hands and feet off…Not really. Ramadan really makes me a better person. Alhumdulillah,
  3. The Kids!: Anyone who knows me will know how much i ADORE children. They’re such beautiful blessings and they really put a smile on your face no matter how tough or beast-like you think you are! I love children for their honesty, innocence and for how they always put me in the spot when I need it. Seriously, around my niece and nephew I’m literally constantly thinking about what kind of impression I’m giving them. I love kids so much. But I especially love kids in Ramadan because I get to see them every day at the Mosque during the night prayers. They come with their Moms or grandmothers, and they’re so sweet and lovely. They do make noise during the prayer which is distracting for others, but I just look at them and smile and wish I’d got candy with me so I could give it to them. But kids also make me extremely shy and I can’t seem to approach them unless I have to save their life or something. I also have to mention the little babies and kids of the destitute women who often sit outside the mosque and how it breaks my heart to see them playing around and being happy even though they have so little. I pray that Allah عز و جل creates ease in their lives and blesses them with happiness and contentment in life.

These were just a few of the things that I love about Ramadan, and I pray that Allah عز و جلmakes  us good and compassionate people all year round, and helps us make the most of this beautiful month.

Peace and Love,


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2 thoughts on “Three Beautiful Ramadan Feelings

  1. I’m very familiar with Ramadan- even though I’m not Muslim. My neighbors are Muslims, so my family has definitely developed some familiarity with their traditions over the years. I loved reading your thoughts about Ramadan and what it means for you, and I wish there was a holiday like that, that EVERYONE can celebrate and think and feel the subjects and thoughts that you just described.

    1. That’s so nice to know! And I agree with you so much. I love how holidays bring every one together, and where I live – Saudi Arabia – Ramadan is celebrated by almost everyone so it feels like one of those holidays.

      I honestly love the thoughts that come with holidays and celebrations. Everyone involved must be feeling those things in their own ways ❤

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