I Wouldn’t Tell My Parents This

Charles Bukowski and John Fante.

If there are two writers your parents would probably want you to avoid – it is them. Maybe because they are sinfully addictive to read or because there’s just a lot of immorality, especially in Bukowski. I am not one to read erotica – I really don’t ever settle with erotica on any given night no matter what you pay me. I just don’t accept cash or food in return for reading crap. These books, though, they’ll get your hands dirty because, Bukowski, especially isn’t afraid of speak up. And these books are not 50 Shades of WhyWasIEverWritten Grey.

I avoid being frank in front of my own parents because it would be like offering myself on a plate to a wild hungry big bear, but I will be frank here (to the rest of the world who don’t matter to me as much as my parents) because really I have nothing to lose and honesty is what I want to talk about so I might as well be honest.

I love Bukowski and Fante for their honesty, chaotic yet perfectly fluent writing, and their realistic inclination. If you’re looking for romanticized ideas where the guy gets the girl in the end you might as well look for something like Sarah Dessen or other 21st century sad souls because these two writers usually give you what you should have but don’t want – reality.

Now, don’t think I’m some boring person who LOVES realistic novels and hates fantasy and other less cutting edge or just WishIWasCutUpAndDead kind of books because I’m saving money to buy the whole set of the Game of Thrones books and the Lord of the Rings trilogy AND I love magic realism just the way ants love biting the side of your toes inside your socks which you had on when you stepped on dirty kitchen water. Basically – I am the most confusing person in – at least – the block I live in because lets face it – there are people out there who sell their souls for ten years of having apple pie every night. I enjoy reading everything except John Green and the like. Oh and btw, if any one comments that The Fault In Our Stars is a realistic novel then let me remind you – it is not and you shouldn’t bring it up ever again. Nope. Shush.

Moving on to talk about writers who write actual literature – Bukowski and Fante have made me realize how difficult the struggle is for some people. In fact, I’d say that Fante’s main character Arturo Bandini (the protagonist of 4 of his novels) is probably my favorite after Holden Caulfield (Shame on you if you don’t know who that is) in terms of their struggle and everything they go through. As characters in a book – the things they think, the personal wars they have and their views on things that are done to them, that they do, or they see happening are, in my opinion, so pure and so unrestricted. These two characters know exactly how feelings should be felt. And let me throw in another name from the world of Literary Characters who is close to my mind (I’d say heart but that is too cliche for me) – Charlie the wallflower. If you don’t know this guy either then you really should stop reading my blog and start reading more meaningful writings. Just search ‘Charlie wallflower’ on Google and you’ll know what you have to READ.

You might find The Catcher in The Rye in bookstores in KSA but I ask you to not get your hopes up for finding Bukowski and Fante books in KSA, although, it beats me why or how they manage to have whole sections for Danielle Steel books if they are looking to censor the readership. But hey, I’m not complaining so don’t arrest me.

If you haven’t read any books by the above mentioned writers, start with Fante – specifically Wait Until Spring, Bandini. Bukowski was inspired by Fante so it makes sense to start with him.

I’ll stop being frank now.

Lots of love,

Why are you still on my blog?

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