I’m A Blueberry Cookie that Crumbles

I am an emotional person. No, seriously – I tend to blow up and drown and scatter my cells everywhere all in the matter of a single day. Everyone has their sensitive days but I have ‘normal days’ instead. I’m basically Bella Swan without the werewolves and the shiny vampires and stupidity.

I’m not sure when I turned into a blueberry cookie that crumbles at every blow and hit, but something happened and it changed me. I am now a super-hyper-sensitive person who feels everything exponentially and cringes at least twenty times a day because of things people say or do.

For the past two years I have seen enough insincerity to make me write this post. I’ve seen young women whose only concern is the perfection of their winged eyeliner, fellow classmates who just want the assignment answers and wouldn’t give a crap about me if I fell off the stairs and broke my neck, certain so-called teachers who act like teenagers so much so that I sometimes wonder if the best course of action is to make Iron Man transfer them to a Severe Dysfunction Rehab Center AND I’ve paid nonsensical amounts of money for the shittiest kind of University Restaurant food AND I’m given dirty looks when I ask for ‘another ketchup’ which honestly I shouldn’t be asking for if I’m buying 7 chicken nuggets. It’s logic and value for money.

What I am saying is – WHAT is going on in this world? Seriously. Seriously! I mean it.

On 23rd September a young man fell into a tiger’s enclosure at a zoo in Delhi and got mauled by the poor animal and eaten to death. I don’t think its the tiger’s fault for following the instinct given to it by God, but I do think its the authority’s fault for wanting to keep a tiger but not wanting to have proper security and worst case scenario measures. As far as I know, simply calling Vijay (the tiger’s name) by his name was not going to cut it.Some parts of the boy survived (in the dead sense) but I’m pretty sure him breaking his neck upon the fall would have been a more peaceful demise. ( I mean no disrespect to the family of the young man or the deceased. But I am pointing a LOT of fingers – more than I have – at the zoo security and the Indian government and everyone who stood there watching and taking videos). To be honest – just the fact that there is a video of the whole thing and nothing was being done about it is enough to make me wish I was a cloud floating above the North Pole where no.humans.live.

This summer hundreds of kids got murdered in Palestine and so did hundreds of adults and the old. But it did not get the coverage that the Ferguson case did because it didn’t happen in America and American racial issues are definitely more important than murder of hundreds because Lincoln died for their country and NOPE DON’T ARGUE.

Not long ago the city I live in saw the death of a young boy and his father after they fell into a manhole in a wealthy neighborhood and no one knows whose fault it was. Well, if someone did their job well this wouldn’t have happened. I’m not even going to play the sympathy card about the young woman who is now both widowed and childless because I shouldn’t have to.

So wait – since when did humanity resort to maintaining hierarchy in death, suffering and sorrow? You see, I’m sadder than you because I can’t find my lollipop whereas your ice cream just fell to the ground and melted into a sweet puddle for the ants. No bias there, sweety.

If people think Saudi Arabian women are oppressed they should pay us a visit at Uni and see how hot it is and how there is NO wifi in the Engineering building YET and they’ll forget all about the oppression and go back to their home and mind their own business and please send me some money so I can buy books so I can read more instead of writing annoyed blog posts.

I have a lot of issues and none of them are personal. I am a normal, happy and delighted human being who eats chocolate whenever she wants, and reads whatever she wants and wants to have a normal happy and delightful life because that’s what every person should aim for.

It is NOT about taking selfies, it is not about being up-to-date with all the crappy TV series about vampires and boys who play with arrows, it is not about having someone open the car door for you, it is not about having the iPhone 6 (because that phone is SHIT and you should check out the Blackberry Passport instead), it is not about flaunting designer bags or make up skills, it is not about getting a job and buying a nice car. Honestly, if you make ANY of those things important in your life then you’re someone who probably makes me cringe and burst into a billion pages of meaningful but sad poetry.

I won’t tell you what life is about because its not my job. I know I love to write but I am not going to use that to turn you into someone who does exactly what I don’t want you to do which is to listen to what everyone else says and not come up with your own answers.

Don’t be one of those ANNOYING girls from my class who text me a day before quizzes and exams so I can feed them all the answers with a golden spoon. Be one of those people who I can look at and not wish I was a blueberry cookie made of stone.

With lots of love,

Why are you still on my blog?

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