his kiss


rickety winds

blaming stuttering smoky clouds

I did not see more than I should

I saw him

leaning against a hospital wing

watching doctors, nurses

running, fighting

pulling life together

life of people

people with dirty clothes

worried faces

and smoke filled homes

his mind leaned against an empty library

his heart nestled in a dusty wooden drawer

his hand groped a life inside his pocket

i watched him do what I never could

I never would

I watched him pick at the edges

his tongue licked his slight smile

a pleased smile

he held the fringe like a full flower

kissed the shiny plate

like he would kiss on a first date

sure but nervous

footsteps running everywhere

serious tones and green and white blurs

smell of cleanliness and antibacterial soap

I watched his eyes smile

a ghost leaning on nothing

but leftover life

deep scratches on his vein

left there by his kiss and a smile

a flood of blood in crisp air

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