Turtle Pool in Jeddah – City Writing

Random picture from the backseat.
Random picture from the backseat.

Yesterday we took my niece and nephew, who are visiting from Riyadh, to see turtles at Jeddah International which is a mall native to my childhood. The reason I’m writing this post is a lot of people, myself included, complain about the lack of entertainment for kids in Jeddah. Yes, we have places like Shallal, Happy Land and some parks, but where do kids see animals? Kids and stray cats are scared of each other unless by some magic the cats allow people to wander near them.

The turtles are pretty awesome. I wasn’t too impressed by the mall because it didn’t have shops that catered to my interests, and the ones that I did find were pretty expensive even though they weren’t any well-known brand. Here’s an interesting shop where you can find antique items (including a gramophone!)

The pictures were taken by me and my brother. (If you like a picture, he’s probably the one who took it!) My pictures didn’t turn out that great because the settings were all messed up and I couldn’t figure out how to fix them.

Look at those tusks!
Look at those tusks!


I accidentally stepped on a turtle. Sort of.
Cuddling mommy.


She was scared like crazy just 5 minutes before this taken! I love how apprehensive kids can become only to realize they don’t have to be.

DSCN7254 DSCN7259 DSCN7266 DSCN7268 DSCN7276 DSCN7280 DSCN7279 DSCN7286 DSCN7288 DSCN7295 DSCN7294 DSCN7293

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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