22 Random Sentences From My Journal (Your Only Chance To ‘Look Inside’)

I’m addicted to my journal. Or maybe my journal is addicted to me. I write about everything in it and that’s probably a good reason to burn it.

For me my journal is a personal space, a room or a world no one else can enter. I cherish it and it’s empty pages, I have so much to write about. When my friends ask me what I write in it, I hide my journal deeper in my bag.

I was writing a poem for Poetry Slam, and eventually I took random sentences from my journal and see if it works like a poem. I still don’t know if it does, but I’m thinking of fictionalizing it to turn it into a story.

For now, here’s a peek for you.

(22 sentences because I’ll be turning 22 soon! – Lame, I know)

  1. All clouds have souls.
  2. IF clouds had souls it would never stop raining.
  3. The boat was like a pea floating in a great bowl of blue soup.
  4. I was at some place other than my body.
  5. I felt awful and nobody believed me.
  6. We just sat there and said nothing.
  7. I hope this turns into something great.
  8. We chose a table near the fountain and talked all evening.
  9. It’s late at night and everyone is asleep.
  10. I watched the people in the park while I sat on the swing, and now I want to write them into a story.
  11. My mind like my body is twisting, turning, restless.
  12. Our body is just a vessel for our soul.
  13. The feelings of strangeness are deeper and stronger today.
  14. I guess I never really thought about it.
  15. This is going to be the stupidest birthday I’ve ever had.
  16. I often wonder why artists marry so much.
  17. The first thing I remembered this morning after I woke up was my purple nose in my dream.
  18. It smells like carrot and beetroot juice kept out in the sun for too long.
  19. I often feel too scared to write.
  20. The sun is really angry this afternoon.
  21. It felt wrong to read.
  22. Nothing is stranger than a good day.

And….that’s it! That’s all I’m ‘revealing’. I must admit I chose the sentences that wouldn’t reveal too much about the content, but I feel like they do say a lot about me.

If you have a journal please do a similar post! I’d love to read it!

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