My Extended Hiatus Is Over

Hello bloggers!

I am back. My extended hiatus is over and I’m here now, ready to explore this part of the internet like I used to. Now it is rather annoying that I keep taking time off from blog writing, but let me assure you the reason is nothing but preoccupation with….well, everything.

Let me start by telling you what I see behind me. There’s a bed, a couple of books resting on it and notebooks tossed here and there, some really large and comfortable pillows and the center of my universe. This is where I write, read, dream and think. I am a creature of comfort but the kind who is restless because of that comfort. To illustrate I shall tell you a small story – I’d give anything to get up and go out there and walk wherever my feet take me.

But I am here now. For a reason. A purpose. Let’s discover it.

In the coming weeks I will talk about everything that I want to talk about to myself and to you.

The following are things you should expect on my blog:

  • Book Reviews.
  • Thoughts about books, reading, words.
  • Updates about my poetry and writing.
  • Cultural exploration.
  • Pictures and Quotes from my life.

But I am going to do a LOT of book reviews.

Meanwhile, if you’re on Instagram please check out my account: sumaiyya.books

I shall end here abruptly.tumblr_mp9j0o26Cm1qav9ywo1_1280

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