How to Meet Cats

I was out walking for an errand and on my way back home I saw my cat! Well, not exactly ‘my’ cat but a cat I feed. She was with her kittens! I gave it some cat food and tried to lure out the kittens who were super adorable.
They didn’t venture too far out and were generally terrified of me.

Got back home and somehow found an excuse to go see them again, with more treats this time.

Here’s a picture of Loki the kitten


Isn’t he absolutely adorable?!
I love cats and people who love cats. Kittens and cats are easily the cutest and most calming things in this world. Which brings me to this:

Why do we not have shelters for cats in Saudi Arabia? Our religion promotes good care for animals but yet we fail to treat the cats we see with love, care and respect. I know of instances where cats were abused and even tortured. It’s too painful to talk about but it’s real and we can’t cower away from such very real problems.

Earlier today a friend was telling us about another friend who adopted a stray cat from the streets. I think she just took it home one day because she wanted it to have a loving home. A year later my friend saw the cat and was shocked to see beautiful hair growing in place of the tiny rough hair that the cat once had.

All our street cats need is some love and care. Some food and water. Some petting and some loving talk. We shouldn’t ignore them. We shouldn’t scream if they get too close. And we shouldn’t harm them in any way.

Please quit ‘buying’ expensive cats. They’re not our ‘property’. You can’t ‘own’ an animal. If you want a cat then contact Gus’s Hope in Jeddah or Pets in Need or any of the other places which have cats up for adoption.

I don’t want to preach and just tell people off for doing the wrong thing. So I’m going to mention that it makes me SO happy when I see young women passionate about taking care of cats and giving them a better life.

Let us all hope that soon cat shelters are opened in Saudi Arabia and that more people welcome our feline friends into their homes.


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