Book Review: The Martian by Andy Weir

As promised in my last post I’m here with a book review for The Martian!


I love this photo of my book even though it’s a bit weirdly angled.

I’d bought The Martian not knowing what to expect and I bought it because I’d watched a teaser trailer and thought that looked super interesting. For those who don’t know – The Martian is about an astronaut who is stranded on Mars and has to survive 1412 days until the next mission can get to Mars.

It was hilarious from the start! I don’t read much Sci-fi but The Martian convinced me to explore the genre further. Here in Saudi Arabia we don’t easily find every other book so it’ll probably be a while before I read something similar 😦

What I love about the book:

  1. It made me laugh like crazy (much needed!)
  2. It was thrilling.
  3. The science was everywhere! It was quite education and (almost) authentic. A lot of people found it a bit confusing but surprisingly studying science in high school paid off for me.
  4. Fun fact: Mark Watney grows potatoes using poop.
  5. AND he makes water using fire.
  6. There are plot twist. A LOT of plot twists and they get better and better.
  7. It’s got some of the best dialogues.
  8. The secondary characters each have something to add to the story.
  9. The NASA politics is fun to read about.
  10. Mark Watney is easily one of the best fictional guys you’ll ever meet.
  11. It didn’t focus too much on Watney’s personal life. For me this was a great thing because otherwise it would be a cliche.
  12. Mark Watney. Did I say that already?!
  13. Underneath all the adventure it has a wonderful message about human solidarity and hope.
  14. The Martian shows that the countries of the world can work together to make good things happen.

What I didn’t like about the book:

  1. It was only 369 pages short.

I admire Andy Weir’s writing abilities and the thorough research that went into the book! I actually can’t wait to re-read The Martian.

So yes, I definitely recommend The Martian to everyone. Please read it! I haven’t watched the movie yet and I’m quite excited because Matt Damon and Mark Watney together!

When I posted this photo on Instagram I asked my fellow bookworms to comment about The Martian. Here it is:

@The plot twists were jaw dropping!!

@THIS BOOK 👌🏼👌🏼 The Martian is what got me out of my last reading slump, it was so gripping and funny I couldn’t put it down! Oh and Mark Watney is 100% bae 😏💕

@This book is definitely on my Christmas wishlist. Can’t wait to read it.

@I recently bought it after hearing so much about the movie. I hope I get to it soon.

@I love Mark Watney’s personality and the scientific-space-related themes as well, I didn’t struggle in understanding them 🙂

@I loved it!!! He’s one of my favorite fictional male characters 😍🚀

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Some favourite quotes from the book:

“Maybe I’ll post a consumer review. “Brought product to surface of Mars. It stopped working. 0/10.”

“As with most of life’s problems, this one can be solved by a box of pure radiation.”

“Actually, I was the very lowest ranked member of the crew. I would only be “in command” if I were the only remaining person.”
What do you know? I’m in command.”


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