Poetry Review: The Whole by Contemplation of a Single Bone by Nancy Pearson

Picture was taken from NetGalley.com

Time for one of my first poetry book reviews! I love reading contemporary poetry, sometimes in Granta, sometimes collections and a lot of times I just binge watch Button Poetry! I’m into all kinds of poetry: the classics, Poe-esque works, Richard Siken’s beautiful works, Lang Leav’s simple heartfelt love poems and of course, the insanely creative Nayyirah Waheed, Benjamin Zephaniah and Shadab Zeest Hashmi and others.


I read The Whole By Contemplation of a Single Bone by Nancy K. Pearson in one sitting tonight. Call it addiction/obsession or plain insomniac craziness – I don’t regret!

The reason I decided to read this collection was the title itself – metonomy anyone?! Such a beautiful title! Now onto the review which, I promise, won’t bore you!

Nancy Pearson has done a great job with her poetry because I felt so many different things while reading the collection. I felt wonder at her use of words and the way she crafts her sometime dreamlike thoughts with them. I loved some poems, I completely didn’t get others and there were also many that made instilled vivid images in my head that made me want to remember them forever. Her style is very contemporary and intriguing, however I did feel a bit lost at some parts – perhaps because I felt disconnected with the subject of the poem or maybe because it just wasn’t my kind of poetry. I’d say I was both inspired and bored while reading this collection, BUT I also think it’s beautiful and has its own set of little quirks and imbalances that we either cherish or can’t make sense of. These poem might unsettle you, make you uncomfortable or even reveal edgy sides of yourself through the thoughts of the persona. Overall, it’ll make you think and you’ll find yourself trying to decipher what it all means.

I’d recommend The Whole By Contemplation of a Single Bone, and for those who can’t seem to get through a poem – just look for the ones that mean something to you! Here are some of my favourite titles: ‘sandy mush, nc’, ‘earthworm’, ‘diagnosis’, ‘bonewax’, ‘discourse’, ‘documents’ and ‘aphasia’.

NOTE: I received a free eARC of the poetry collection through Net Galley in exchange for an honest review on my blogs! 



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