Your Life and Mine – a Poem

I enjoy writing poems but like most of my other writings I’ve learned to hide them, sweep them under the rug, store them in a box behind the bookshelf. But I thought I’d try to change that by sharing one of my least favourite poems that I’ve written. I was taking a look at all that I had in my phone and this one just felt like the safest option because it’s neither so honest that I’d feel the need to bury it nor is it so profound that I’d fear others would dig it up and claim it as their own.


So here goes, it was titled ‘Moments of Life’ in my folder but I scratched that and its now ‘Your Life and Mine’:


To wait for your life to begin

is to watch life pass you by
like a pepper shaker being
passed across the table
the rush and the breeze of trains
fleeing away from you as you watch
from your solitary standing
a book awaits you facedown
on a bench a table the corner of your bed
To wait for your life to begin
Is to stand in front of elevators
Dreaming about the floors below and above
To wait for your life to begin
Is like clouds holding on to drops of water
Not letting them shower
Not letting them go
To wait for your life to begin
Is to make me wonder
If you see me as I am
Or like a door that can be left unopened
You watch your life pass you by
And I watch mine wither: you.


That’s all folks, that’s the genie out of the lamp and you have no wishes except the one I have for you – live a little.

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