Bookstagram is all the rage these days. #bookstagram has accumulated over 20 million posts from readers all over the world, and I remember that number being WAY smaller when I first joined towards the end of 2015.

If you’re a reader, you should probably start a Bookstagram. It’s an interactive and creative way to discover books, share your thoughts and love for books and to connect with people from vastly different walks of life.

In this quick guide, I’m highlighting the very basics that you need (or need to do) that’ll help you get started RIGHT AWAY.

1. A love for books.

Sorry to start the list with something so basic. But Bookstagram is for people who love books and love reading. It goes without saying but I’m saying it anyway! You’re only on Bookstagram if you care about books!

2. A smartphone.

You don’t need a fancy camera to become a Bookstagrammer. I post on a daily basis and 95% of my photos are taken using my iPhone 7.

3. Books!

You do need books, or at least a kindle (#kindlestagram is a sub-community of Bookstagram). Books are a luxury not everyone can afford, but don’t let that stop you. Buy secondhand or borrow from your local library!

4. Thoughts and Opinions.

This is super important and probably what will make you stand out. Read books and write reviews, however simple, that give your honest opinion.

5. Preference and taste.

Read the books that interest you, not the books that everyone else is reading. This is another thing that’ll make you stand out – if you choose books organically, rather than based on what’s hot and in hype.

6. The desire to discover and connect.

And finally, take an interest in what other people on Bookstagram are reading. Connect with readers all over the world, you’ll learn so much about cultures and perspectives different to yours. Interacting with other bookworms is the whole point of Bookstagram. If you’re not in it to talk about books, then why are you Bookstagramming at all? I’ll write a more detailed post on this later ♥️

These six things are all you need to combine for a Bookstagram. You’ll notice the only material things you actually need are books and a camera. I’ll do another guide on photos, but that doesn’t have to be complicated at all.

Good luck and don’t hesitate to ask me questions!

UPDATE: I very slightly edited this to elaborate a couple of points, if you shared the post before my edits there it won’t be significantly different.



  1. It’s really useful and helpful. Thanks a lot!😚😚😚😚❤❤❤ And Gatsby is actually so CUTE

  2. Dear Sumaiyya, thanks for this post. I follow your Instagram account for a while now and love your pictures and thoughts. Now I finally found your blog and would like to link it on my own… Many greetings from a German bookworm :-).


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