GIRL UNKNOWN by Karen Perry

GIRL UNKNOWN, Karen Perry (Paul Perry & Karen Gillece) Hardcover, 304 pages Henry Holt & Co. - February 6, 2018 “But families don’t come apart because a thread has loosened. They break when it becomes sharp, brutal. It takes ripping and hacking to tear the tapestry apart.” For me, 2018 had a pretty rough start … Continue reading GIRL UNKNOWN by Karen Perry


Top 3 Underrated Books Read in 2017

Now that we're almost at the end of the year, people are more frequently asking me about the best/favourite reads of 2017. I thought I'd highlight the underrated books that I personally loved. I've included one thriller, one family saga and one immigrant narrative; I think these would appeal to a wider audience. Scroll to … Continue reading Top 3 Underrated Books Read in 2017